Want of image ruling software

If you want to edit your images in a special way by applying a pattern of narrow lines to them (for example, split them into squares or puzzle particles to be cut and used as inlays later, or apply a

Adding signature to images

If you are a creative personality and have many images on your computer, you might wish to provide them with your signature to claim your copyright. Image Converter Plus will help you do it. Do the following: Step 1: First,

Too dim photos

If you have photos that look too dim (faded, with softened colors as a result of incorrect scanner settings or poor scan source, shooting with cameras of low quality) and want to fix their quality and make them “brighter” for

Unoriginal image shape

If, for any reason (for example, to decorate your photo album, to create an unusual presentation, or just for beauty) you need to have photos or images of original shape or with original borders (for example, with rounded corners, oval,

A convenient image catalogue for a company

If activities of your company include dealing with images, you will sooner or later have to create a convenient image catalogue for the company. A folder containing all the files is a simple but inconvenient solution. It is very difficult