Additional image design

If, for any reason, you want to place your images into a border (for example, you want to display paintings placed into a wooden frame at your website, or you need to place a program sreenshot into a frame imitating user’s monitor), you can place every image into a frame manually. However, it will take […]

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Correcting a color in the image

Sometimes you may have to quickly correct a color of the image (for example, when doing pre-printing preparations for the final print), but there is no specialized image editor at hand, or there are too many images to process manually. In this case, use Image Converter Plus to correct colors, convert a batch of images

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Professional image protection

If you develop a sophisticated image for a customer (for example, a website template), it would be wise to properly protect it before you send it to the customer. Sending a reduced copy of the image, as well as adding a logo to the image, is a bad idea. What you need is serious protection

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Adding signature to images

If you are a creative personality and have many images on your computer, you might wish to provide them with your signature to claim your copyright. Image Converter Plus will help you do it. Do the following: Step 1: First, write your signature on a white page with a black marker. Scan the page (make

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Unoriginal image shape

If, for any reason (for example, to decorate your photo album, to create an unusual presentation, or just for beauty) you need to have photos or images of original shape or with original borders (for example, with rounded corners, oval, with wavy or figured borders, or with some inscription round the photo, etc. – see

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Unwanted image signatures

If you have some images with inscriptions (for example, a website URL or image name in the bottom part of the image), and you want to remove these inscriptions from these images, you can just cut a narrow stripe off these images (surely if it does not ruin the image). However, it is difficult to

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Blurred photos

If you have slightly blurred photos (resulting from unclean photo lens, high humidity or unsharp focusing, using old film camera or scanning an old image, shaking hands, shooting through glass or other reasons), you can increase their sharpness with the help of Image Converter Plus. Do the following: Step 1: Launch Image Converter Plus. Step

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Digital photo noise

Shooting with cameras of poor quality (for example, cell phone camera), or in a dark place with increased brightness, or with high zoom may result in so-called “noise” on your photos – that is, single pixels different with their color from the neighboring pixels. Image Converter Plus will help you get rid of these pixels.

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Too dark photos

Photos that look too dark (due to incorrect flashgun settings or lack of flashgun, incorrect shooting mode, shooting at night or in the dark environment, or in cloudy weather) can be corrected in numerous image editors. However, if there are lots of such photos, the correction process will take much time. Still, you can fix

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Too dim photos

If you have photos that look too dim (faded, with softened colors as a result of incorrect scanner settings or poor scan source, shooting with cameras of low quality) and want to fix their quality and make them “brighter” for printing or publishing on a website or just for your home collection, you can correct

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Too light photos

Photos that look too light (due to incorrect flashgun settings, incorrect shooting mode, shooting in sunny weather) can be corrected in numerous image editors. However, if there are lots of such photos, the correction process will take much time. Still, you can fix several photos with similar brightness level (shot in the same environment or

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