How to create a simple FTP

Step 1:

  • Start the converter.

Step 2:

  • In the field “Converted images…..”, press “…” button.

Step 1

Step 3:

  • Select “Copy to FTP” menu item and click on “New profile” subitem.

Step 2

Step 4:

  • In the field after “Converted images will be copied to FTP”, specify the full path to FTP, including destination folder, e.g.:
  • Step 3

  • If the FTP does not require login and password, it will be enough to specify the path only.
  • Now you can start image conversion.

By default, all subfolders of the added directories are converted, and the folder structure is fully replicated.

Step 5:

  • If you have to setup basic FTP functions, such as login, password and data exchange mode
    (Ascii mode, Passive mode), you can access these options by expanding “Converted images will be copied to FTP” group. Then, click “more >>” text..

Step 4

Step 5

  • Fill in the needed fields.