Time Efficient Image Conversion

One should be most attentive when converting images. You should specify the correct size of resulting files, select a suitable format and adjust all its settings. You should also specify a destination path for converted files, as well as other specific adjustments.

Anyone can convert graphics files

Any user knows what should be done to get a correct resulting image. But if you have to convert images on a regular basis, it is very easy to make an unfortunate mistake. ImageConverter Plus allows converting files without any mistakes or lost time. This is achieved through profiles (profiles).

How to make it once and use it many times

Nothing special.
Specify conversion settings only once. Proceed as always, but save these settings into a file (we call it a profile). Save this file with a clear, understandable name. This allows you to dramatically save time in the future and avoid mistakes and confusion.

Get rid of conversion mistakes forever

Profiles save time as they can be quickly used again. That is evident. But the fact that they help you get rid of mistakes is the most important aspect of your work. It’s very unpleasant to come to the photo lab with a file saved in a wrong format, or send a document in a wrong format to your colleague. Use Image Converter Plus to feel protected against such mistakes.

Exchange profiles to make your work more effective

There are users who have to convert files although they are not specialists in this area. They do not know how to keep “all this” working. If you are a specialist, just adjust the profile once and email it to anyone who may need it. You will save yourself many questions and lost time and provide your colleagues with a reliable conversion tool without any time-consuming training.