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Image Converter Plus General License

General license of ImageConverter Plus is the most popular among our customers. It’s intended for a single user account and can be used for personal and commercial purposes.

Take a look at other licensing options: perhaps another type of license will be more appropriate for your specific needs, or you may be qualified for getting a discount.

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Licenses and prices

Choose the right license based on your intended use

per server
  • Lifetime license
    No recurring subscription fees
  • Free support
  • Commercial use
  • Works on server
  • Engineering setup support
Special Discounts
from $19 per copy
  • Lifetime license
    No recurring subscription fees
  • Free support
  • Government discount
  • Educational discount
  • Non-profits discount
What do you get when you buy a license?

Online delivery

You will get an email letter confirming your purchase. The letter will contain the links from which you can download the program and the activation code. The program is ready to use immediately after the online activation.

Standard and silent installation

The program can be installed with only a few easy wizard steps. Sometimes Windows may require that the OS is rebooted. Silent installation is also possible without any extra questions or forms. Usually it is used by system administrators to be installed remotely onto several computers.

Simple activation

Program activation is really easy. It requires only activation key and will take just a few seconds. In case the computer does not have the Internet connection, activation can be performed via another computer connected to the Internet.

Unlimited support

You get unlimited email support and free advice from our engineers for one year.

60-day money back

If you wish to return your copy of the program for any reason, you can do so within 60 days from the time of purchase.

Important Information

License Info

One General License is for one user account. The number of purchased licenses should correspond to the number of user accounts the program is installed on. One computer may have several user accounts, and a separate license is needed for each of these user accounts.

An activation is required for each user account. Please visit Activation page to activate your copy or read frequently asked questions about activation process.

Education and government institutions, as well as non-profit organizations, may claim a discount when purchasing the program. If you are eligible for that kind of discount, please contact support to get more information.


When you pay for the program, you will receive a message from your billing company. Be attentive and adjust your spam filter in such a way that it will let this message through. Half the questions to our support service are demands to provide our users with a registration key. Most of these questions are a result of the fact that the message from the billing company was treated as spam by a spam filter.

The message from your billing company will contain your serial number. The serial number is used to activate the program in accordance with the purchased license.

Print your serial number, the email address and the name you used when purchasing the program and keep this information in a safe place.

Frequently asked questions about purchase
Q: How can I pay for the program (credit card, bank/wire transfer, check, cash payment)?

A: Our main billing system is PayPro Global. This billing company processes all the payments.
PayPro Global offers several options to buy Image Converter Plus. Choose one which best suits you.
On the purchase page of this site, select the type of license you need.
Then a page with the purchase form will open. Fill in this form to proceed to checkout.

Offered ways of payment are:
Credit Card
Bank/Wire Transfer
Cash – Prepayment
Select one which suits you best and press Next button. Then, follow the steps of the wizard.

Need another payment method? If none of the offered payment methods is suitable for you for any reason or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We will try to come up with a solution.

Q: Our company is a government establishment. Can we have a discount when purchasing a license for several user accounts?

A: Government establishments, educational institutions and non-profit organizations are eligible for a discount when purchasing program license.

Contact our support service and explain your situation. Also, tell us how many user accounts you want a license for.

Q: I've purchased a license and received my Serial Number. What do I do next?

A: Once you have purchased the license, you should activate your copy of Image Converter Plus.

You have received your Serial number. This key contains all information on the license you’ve purchased. Before activating make sure you have the latest version of Image Converter Plus. To do it, open About box and check whether the information contained in this box coinsides with the information at our website.

Install the program for the number of user accounts you’ve purchased the license for.

Activate the program for every user account.

Then, start using the program for your purpose. Have nice conversion!

Q: A personal license differs from a business license in the allowed number of activations. Please clear up this feature.

A: There’s one distinctive feature in your personal license. One personal license allows activating the program for 2 user accounts.

Typically, a family consists of several people who use their family computer.

In this case, you can activate the program for your own user account and your daughter’s user account.

Another way of using this feature is activating your personal license on one account of your home computer and one account of your notebook.

Q: We want to buy licenses for all user accounts in our company. We have 2 branch offices and we want to buy the program for both of them. How do we do it?

A: In this case you’d better consult the support service of our company. Explain your situation in detail and specify the number of user accounts you want to use Image Converter Plus for.

We’ll select the best available discount for you and provide you with all the data needed to purchase the program.

Q: Is there a license for the whole office or floor of a building?

A: No, there’s no such license. One license is purchased for one user account. If you want 10 persons to use the program, you should purchase a separate license for each user account.

Q: Is there a license for one computer?

A: There’s no such license. Existing licenses are for user accounts only. As you know, one computer can have an unlimited number of user accounts. You must purchase a license for every user account.

Q: I purchased a license for 5 user accounts before. Now I want to buy 2 additional licenses. How do I do it?

A: In this case, you can purchase additional licenses with a 30% discount per every new user account.

(The discount is calculated basing on the price of a business license per one user account) Contact our support service and explain your situation. We’ll provide you with a discount purchase link.

Q: I want to use the program for business purpose. Which type of license should I purchase?

A: If you want to use the program for business purpose, you should purchase a business license for it. You should purchase a business license for every user account which will be using Image Converter Plus.

Note that if you purchase a license for several user accounts, you’re eligible for a considerable discount.

Q: What currency should I use to pay for the program?

A: You can use several currencies to pay for the program, US Dollars, Euro and Pounds among them.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Image Converter Plus is available on a try-before-you-buy basis. There is a free demo version you can download to fully experience the product prior to making your purchase. Documentation for the software is also available online. We encourage you to review the documentation and try out the software prior to making your purchase to ensure that it meets your requirements, runs correctly on your computer and is compatible with your operating system.

For these reasons we offer no refunds as a matter of policy, however, at our option and discretion, exceptions can be made under special circumstances.

Q: I've purchased the program but haven't received my Serial number.

A: If you haven’t received the serial number, our message was probably blocked by your spam filter.

Please adjust your spam filter to allow receiving messages from the billing company (domain mycommerce.com) and manufacturer (domain imageconverterplus.com). This will help avoid losing serial number messages.
When you purchase the program, you’ll receive a notification from the billing company informing you about the transaction. This message will also contain your serial number. It usually takes several minutes to deliver such notifications, but sometimes it can take up to several hours.

If you didn’t receive your serial number, write a message to the support service of the company and request your serial number. Make sure to specify your first name, surname and email address used when purchasing the program. It is advisable to specify purchase date and order number.

If you have received your serial number, you should activate the program either online or via a special web form.

If activation fails, wait for 15 minutes and activate once again. If you cannot activate the program during 1 hour, please write a message to the support service of the company and specify your serial number.

Q: Which steps should be taken to start legal usage of ImageConverter Plus?

A: Step 1: Purchasing a license for ImageConverter Plus.

Visit Purchase section of this website and select license type you need. Pay for the selected license.

You will receive an e-mail message with your serial number.

Step 2 Activating ImageConverter Plus.

The serial number you receive once you purchase ImageConverter Plus allows you to activate the software for the needed number of user accounts. Your serial number contains information on license type and number of user accounts you purchased the license for.

Use one serial number to activate the needed quantity of user accounts


No more actions are needed to start using ImageConverter Plus legally


Don’t see the answer on your question? Contact us to get help from one of our specialists.