Supported Formats

Alphabetical list of formats supported by Image Converter Plus A: acr, ani, apm arw, B: bga, bmp, btf C: cal, cals, ch, clp, cr2, crw, ct, cur, cut D: dcm, dcr, dcx, dds, dib, dic, dicom, dng, dpx E: emf, eps, epi, exr F: fpx, fxd, fxm, fxr, fxs G: g3, g4, gg, gem gif, gsm H: […]

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Resize: Unlimited Resize

Image Converter Plus provides you with all the functionality you need to resize images. With 10 years of experience, our top quality software has accumulated all breakthrough solutions in this sphere. The program proves highly stable and effective for solving resizing tasks in the simplest way possible. If you need to resize images, you need

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Resize: An Easy Solution

Changing image output parameters is a regular task nowadays. While modern digital cameras take huge photos many megapixels in size, they are too big to be sent via email or to be used on the web. Using smaller sized images is more convenient for email attachments and blog posts; images thumbnails and avatars absolutely have

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Share Your Images with Friends and Colleagues Before uploading images to any of the Internet’s many photo hosting sites, you go through a series of steps with each image: fixing any quality issues, adding a watermark, adjusting image size and finally uploading the image. You don’t notice the process when you’re just uploading one or

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Operations: Operations order

You can add several operations or graphic effects to Image Converter Plus. These operations can be similar or completely different from one another. You should remember that operations are executed in the order specified in the list. The first operation on the list will be executed first, and so on. You can perform the following

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Before conversion process starts, Image Converter Plus allows performing various actions or graphic effects to modify source images in accordance with added operations. To add operations, you should do the following: Click Add operation link Select an operation from the menu that appears Expand Operations group Adjust settings of the added operation to meet your

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Image Converter Plus meta tag field

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) is a metadata standard for adding information such as descriptions, copyright information and camera settings to images. The format achieved its status as a universal standard with the widespread use of digital cameras. The data recorded in EXIF format may be used directly by the user or communicated to a device

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Crop images (photos)

Image Converter Plus provides its users with Crop functionality. We say that an image is cropped when a rectangular area is cut from an image or a photo. Image Crop allows you to remove those parts of the image you don’t find useful. Also, Crop allows you to copy fragments of your photos. Image Crop

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Replace color operation

Replace color operation is used to replace a color with another color. E.g. you can replace white color with transparency or replace transparency with red color. Add Replace color operation: “Replace color” list is used to specify the color to be replaced. Available values are transparency, black color, white color. If any other color is

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Canvas operation

Canvas operation changes canvas size without changing image resolution. This operation can be used: to reduce image size by trimming or increase image size; to add margins to the image. Add Canvas operation: In the first case (“relative” flag is unchecked), specify desired image size in Width and Height textboxes. If current image size is

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Page filter operation

“Page filter” operation is used to convert specified pages in multipage files. Add page filter operations: There are four available modes for this operation presented in “Page range” list: All pages – all pages of the source file will be converted, Odd pages – odd pages of the source file will be converted, Even pages

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Color profile operation

Color profile operation is used to convert images using color profiles. Add Color profile operations: There are three available modes in this operation: Ignore color profile – inbuilt color profiles of images are ignored. Use built-in color profile – the image is converted with accordance with the inbuilt color profile. If the image contains no

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Rotate image

Image Converter Plus provides its users with Rotate image function. The Rotate function allows you to rotate images at an arbitary angle in any direction. Free space color can be set to transparent (with formats which support transparency) or any needed color. Add Rotate operation: Rotation angle is specified with a negative or positive integer

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Mirror image

Image Converter Plus provides its users with Mirror image function. Mirror function allows mirroring an image vertically or horizontally. Use Mirror image dropdown menu to specify mirror type. Select Mirror vertically or horizontally to get the following result:  

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Watermark operation

“Watermark” operation is used to add an image (usually a small one) to the source image. Add Watermark operation: The following options are available for this operation: Apply watermark from file – specify file name of the image to be used as watermark. To conveniently select a file, use “…” button to call the standard

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Resize: Resize step by step

Image Converter Plus provides its users with Resize functionality. Resizing images is changing size of an image or a photo. Image resizer allows you to change source image size and proportion. Image resizer adjusts image size to fit the needed value using various scale modes and proportion calculations depending on settings used. Image Converter Plus

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