How to convert images with Image Converter Plus

Image Converter Plus is a universal image processing software able to support a really large number of image files. A user friendly interface of ImageConverter Plus means it can be used by anyone, even if they have no deep knowledge of image conversion and image resize. No matter how easy-to-use the software is we realize that you may need help from time to time when trying to convert image files from one format to another. If you click on any of the links shown on this page you will see the detailed tutorials on how to convert this or that image format. Some image formats are widely used, though some of them are rare or outdated, but ImageConverter Plus supports them all for different image processing operations respecting your individual needs.

Converting to JPEG

The most common image format used for converting images is JPEG. The examples below illustrate how to convert images to JPEG format making them suitable for the web and simply more universally accepted:

Converting from JPEG

Although the examples above show JPEG as the output image format sometimes there is a necessity to convert images from JPEG to other image files. There are different reasons for that: sometimes it’s a multipage layout supported by some file type; sometimes the software settings do not allow processing JPEG images. No matter what the case is you can convert your images from JPEG to a variety of other image files:

Converting to PDF

Some image formats are more common, some are not as widely accepted. Our goal is to support the largest number of existing image formats for your individual task. In case you need to make your image look exactly the same on any device possible convert your image file choosing PDF as the output image format:

Converting other formats

Converting PNG to GIF is a rare case but is a necessity in case one deals with older versions of Internet Explorer that do not support PNG format with transparent background:

You have noticed already that the tutorials we have created not only show in detail what button to push and what should appear on the screen, but we also tried to explain the situations when this or that image format should be substituted with another one.

These are just a few example of what ImageConverter Plus can do to help you convert your image files. The tutorials illustrate the main conversion jobs requested, but we can offer much more image processing opportunities. Plus you are always welcome to send us your specific, really rare or even damaged image files so that we help you view and convert them.