How to convert PSD to JPG

PSD is the native format of Photoshop. This format is lossless though supports RLE compression algorithm. Still, even compressed the PDS files are pretty large and are not suitable for the web. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this

How to convert PNG to JPG

Information about PNG and JPEG formats PNG (Portable Network Graphic) – the image format developed to replace its predecessor GIF. It supports up to 48-bit truecolor or 16-bit grayscale images. PNG also supports a full range of transparency, but its

How to convert PNG to GIF

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is widely used in the web. GIF supports lossless compression method preserving every image pixel. The number of colors supported by GIF is limited to 256 only, so this format is more appropriate for images that

How to convert NEF to JPG

To realize the difference between the NEF format and the JPEG format one needs to know the basic difference between RAW and JPEG. NEF is one of the variations of the RAW format proprietary of the Nikon cameras. What makes

How to convert JPG to TGA

TGA is an old image format. Still, its simplicity and ease at processing still make it appealing to the users. This format was the first one true color. Lossless compression, alpha channel allowing transparency, capability of representing bitmaps ranging from

How to convert JPG to PNG

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is probably the most common image format. Its ability to compress the image data making the image small enough to be displayed on the web and still compressing it practically invisibly for the human eye

How to convert JPG to PDF

JPEG is a bitmap format with a lossy compression method. It is ideal for web graphics because it presents the image in a high quality meanwhile reducing its size suitable to be transferred via the Internet. JPEG is not good

How to convert JPG to GIF

Both image formats – JPEG and GIF are compression based. But still there is some difference in the way the images are compressed. JPEG uses lossy compression method making images suitable for the web but sacrificing some of their quality.

How to convert JPG to DDS

JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) is the most common of the image formats. It is the default setting for most of the digital cameras. It provides lossy compression method meaning that the image data is compressed to make them small

How to convert JPG to BMP

JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) is the image format that is set by default with all the digital cameras. The JPEG file is compressed so that it can be uploaded online, be prepared for printing and is device-independent – JPEG