Thoughtful selection

One of the unique features of ImageConverter Plus is the ability to automatically recognize the graphic files. The graphic files saved in any format can go all together in one folder, or be saved in different folders – it does

Making your PSD files appropriate for the web

Image layers allow detail oriented image processing. Not every image format allows working with layers – JPEG, for instance, combines all layers into a single image. The layers go all together, but JPEG image files become appropriate for any file

Convert webshots into JPEG or TIFF

Professional photos found on the web are usually hard to copy. We are talking about Webshots that are not appropriate for Windows. File extensions associated with these files are: .wbz, .wbc, .wb1, .wbd. Still, ImageConverter Plus offers resources that can

Grayscale effect

There is no unique style in photography – each photographer practices his/her own techniques. Depending on the topic reflected, the type of photography used, you may prefer different photographic styles. If your intention is to concentrate on details, then color


The CMYK color model defines the color space used for printing. It refers to the four inks used in most printers – cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). CMYK mixes the colors so that they produce the desired color information


When taking pictures, JPEG is the file format set as a default one for the vast majority of cameras. JPEG is not really an image format – it is a compression method that enables the users to save images with