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A shell is usually something associated with animals – snails, mollusks, crabs, etc. So it becomes a little weird when you hear the same term related to computers. A shell is a special program that interprets commands given by the user so that the operating system knows and interprets them in the appropriate way. The most widely known examples of a shell are the Windows shell and the command-line shell. The shell includes important components that make up graphical user interface or command-line interface. With each new release of Windows, it becomes more advanced and gets more useful features added. This also happens via shell extensions. These extensions allow developers to add functionality to the existing Windows shell. Shell extension is a small piece of code written by developers that changes the way the software works. These extensions make both significant and small changes on graphic files. ImageConverter Plus utilizes the Windows shell via the right-click conversion options. Have you ever wondered what makes it possible to preview and edit your image via the right-click menu? Due to the fact that ImageConverter Plus consists of shell extension, it becomes possible to view the graphic files without actually opening the program. Shell extensions also allow getting detailed information about the files, let alone making a step forward to converting and resizing the images.