Image Converter Plus

The Image Converter Plus application transforms groups of images from one file format to another. It quickly converts drawings, photographs, charts and certain data files. This dependable program’s convenient interface simplifies every task. After more than a decade of gradual improvement, Image Converter Plus offers all of the features you need.

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Converting graphics

Thanks to the most up-to-date software design techniques, this reliable application can rapidly and accurately complete almost any conversion project. It accepts a wide range of images and allows you to convert, modify or improve them in several ways.

For example, Image Converter Plus lets you crop out unwanted portions of your photographs. You may adjust transparency settings, colors and image sizes as well. The application can even enhance photos by adding mirror effects or frames.

Image Converter Plus doesn’t disappoint expert users who want sophisticated capabilities and large file support. For instance, you can make a series of changes to multiple photos at once. This program also lets you modify image metadata or upload photo directories and subdirectories via FTP.

Convert images in only two clicks


Convert file and folder groups

Although Image Converter Plus lets you select one file at a time, it becomes much more powerful when you use its batch conversion feature. For example, you could transform an entire folder of mixed-format images to a single file format.

Accepts over 800 types of files

This software has the ability to interpret over 260 graphical formats in more than 800 dialects. It will convert just about any image to a common format like GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG, bitmap or PDF.

Sophisticated resizing features

Regardless of their current measurements or formats, Image Converter Plus makes it easy to shrink and enlarge your photos. It also offers a time-saving batch resize feature. You can even change every image in a folder to have the same dimensions.

Share images in several ways

It’s fast and easy to publish photos online with Image Converter Plus. When the images are ready to share, you may upload them to a website, network folder, email account or Picasa album.

Convenient right-click functions

When you need to resize or convert a photo with Image Converter Plus, your right mouse button can reduce several steps to a couple of clicks. You only need to right-click the desired file and select a task.

Work at the command prompt

An alternative is to convert or modify files by operating Image Converter Plus from the Windows command line. Some businesses use this feature when they run the software on network servers.

Make thumbnail images in seconds

Advanced photo resizer

Quickly expand or shrink your graphics.

With Image Converter Plus’s batch processing feature, resizing hundreds of files is just as easy as changing one image’s dimensions. It can even handle subfolders or skip certain photos that you don’t want to resize. Either way, the process is fast and simple.

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