How to use sample profiles

The website of ImageConverter Plus contains quite a few screenshots. They help the users better understand the program. Profiles clearly demonstrate how to perform different image processing operations. To simplify the use of profiles there are examples of those given

Adding signature to images

If you are a creative personality and have many images on your computer, you might wish to provide them with your signature to claim your copyright. Image Converter Plus will help you do it. Do the following: Step 1: First,

Nonstandard color of text images

If you have images of nonstandard color (for example, scanned copies of books with unusual background and font colors or screenshots of programs with unusual color settings), and you want to standardize them (create black font on white background) you

Avoiding outdated image file formats

Many older image formats have been replaced in recent years by improved image formats that provide more universal recognition among image viewers and more compressibility, thus leading to smaller file sizes. Outdated file formats may not even be viewable on

Problem with editing animated images

If you want to edit an animated image, for example, change an inscription, or the color of some object, or add details to the image, you’ll face some difficulties, as you’ll only be able to change the first frame of