How to use sample profiles

The website of ImageConverter Plus contains quite a few screenshots. They help the users better understand the program. Profiles clearly demonstrate how to perform different image processing operations. To simplify the use of profiles there are examples of those given

Want of resources to process large photos

If you don’t have a high-performance computer, you’ll face serious problems when working with very large images. An attempt to open a photo created with a 6-8 Mpix camera, let alone editing such photos, can cause unexpected system shutdown. However,

Decorating CD- and DVD-disks

If you often burn various information – music, photos, videos, etc. – to CDs or DVDs, and want them to be beautifully designed and not signed on the gray surface of the disk, you can create and print nifty labels

Unwanted details on portrait photos

If you don’t like unwanted details (wrinkles, freckles, shining skin, etc.) on portrait photos (close-up faces), which may happen due to increased sharpness, incorrect light, using a camera of low quality, incorrect settings of the camera, etc., you can retouch

Too light photos

Photos that look too light (due to incorrect flashgun settings, incorrect shooting mode, shooting in sunny weather) can be corrected in numerous image editors. However, if there are lots of such photos, the correction process will take much time. Still,

Viewing Very Rare Image Formats

If you have images in a format you can’t find a viewer for, try using Image Converter Plus software that can open about a hundred formats and convert them to more popular ones. If the program fails to open a

Want of image ruling software

If you want to edit your images in a special way by applying a pattern of narrow lines to them (for example, split them into squares or puzzle particles to be cut and used as inlays later, or apply a

Adding signature to images

If you are a creative personality and have many images on your computer, you might wish to provide them with your signature to claim your copyright. Image Converter Plus will help you do it. Do the following: Step 1: First,