How to use sample profiles

The website of ImageConverter Plus contains quite a few screenshots. They help the users better understand the program. Profiles clearly demonstrate how to perform different image processing operations. To simplify the use of profiles there are examples of those given

How to create a simple FTP

Step 1: Start the converter. Step 2: In the field “Converted images…..”, press “…” button. Step 3: Select “Copy to FTP” menu item and click on “New profile” subitem. Step 4: In the field after “Converted images will be copied

Nonstandard color of drafts and charts

If you have drafts or charts of nonstandard color (for example, screenshots from special purpose software like Pcad, which displays color drafts on black background), and you want to standardize them (create black drafts on white background), you can do

How to use a proxy server

If you access the folder via a proxy server, you can also setup the needed type: HTTP Settings SOCKS4 Settings SOCKS5 Settings HTTP Settings: To setup the HTTP server, select the “HTTP” line from the “Proxy type” list. In “Proxy

Additional image design

If, for any reason, you want to place your images into a border (for example, you want to display paintings placed into a wooden frame at your website, or you need to place a program sreenshot into a frame imitating