How to use sample profiles

The website of ImageConverter Plus contains quite a few screenshots. They help the users better understand the program. Profiles clearly demonstrate how to perform different image processing operations. To simplify the use of profiles there are examples of those given

Digital photo noise

Shooting with cameras of poor quality (for example, cell phone camera), or in a dark place with increased brightness, or with high zoom may result in so-called “noise” on your photos – that is, single pixels different with their color

A flawless portfolio

If you are an artist or a designer, you need a portfolio of your works in standard formats, so that you can always deliver it to anyone and be sure that all the files are correctly displayed on any computer.

Too dark photos

Photos that look too dark (due to incorrect flashgun settings or lack of flashgun, incorrect shooting mode, shooting at night or in the dark environment, or in cloudy weather) can be corrected in numerous image editors. However, if there are

Changing image DPI

When printing digital photos, DPI (dots per inch) is a very important parameter. It is used to compare digital image size (pixels) and the resulting printed version. The higher is DPI value, the more pixels will be placed on the