Incomplete multipage file

If you need to add new pages to an existing multipage file, you’ll find that it is quite a problem. You surely can split this file into separate pages, add new ones and then compile all pages into a new multipage file. However, it is a long and inconvenient way, especially if you have to add page frequently. Still, you can add pages to the file with the help of ICP.

Do the following:

Step 1:

  • Launch ICP.

Step 2:

  • Go to “Photos” tab, select and add images you want to add to your existing multipage file. Before doing this, you should rename images alphabetically, in accordance with their desired order in your multipage file.

Step 3:

  • Go to Profiles tab.

Step 4:

  • In “Save images in …. format”, select the format of the existing multipage file.

Step 5:

  • In “Multipage options”, select “Append to multipage file”.

Step 6:

  • Specify other settings for the output format (optimal values are specified by default).

Step 7:

  • In “Converted images will be saved to :”, select the folder containing your multipage file.

Step 8:

  • In “Operations with target file name”, specify the name of the existing multipage file.

Step 9:

  • Specify other settings.

Step 10:

  • Press “Start” button to start conversion.

Profiles for download

Profile1 – for “Incomplete multipage file”