Want of resources to process large photos

If you don’t have a high-performance computer, you’ll face serious problems when working with very large images. An attempt to open a photo created with a 6-8 Mpix camera, let alone editing such photos, can cause unexpected system shutdown. However, you don’t need such resolution in most cases, and it is quite acceptable to reduce image size before using it. Still, to open such a file, you’ll have to first open it on a high-performance computer, reduce it and then open on your computer. However, it is possible to reduce image size without opening it on your own computer, and that’s where Image Converter Plus will be of help.

Do the following:

Step 1:

  • Launch Image Converter Plus.

Step 2:

  • Go to “Photos” tab, select and add large images you want to process.

Step 3:

  • Go to Profiles tab. In “Operation before save: Add operation” line, click “Add operation” and select “Resize” from the menu.

Step 4:

  • Click “+” mark located to the left from “Add operation” line to open the group of settings for added operations.

Step 5:

  • In “Resize”, set the value of “Pixel Dimensions” to the size your computer will be able to process (for example, 1800×1600).

Step 6:

  • Specify settings for the output format (optimal values are specified by default).

Step 7:

  • Specify the folder to save converted images to.

Step 8:

  • Specify other settings.

Step 9:

  • Press “Start” button to start conversion.

Profiles for download

Profile1 – for “Want of resources to process large photos”