How to use sample profiles

The website of ImageConverter Plus contains quite a few screenshots. They help the users better understand the program. Profiles clearly demonstrate how to perform different image processing operations.

To simplify the use of profiles there are examples of those given on specific pages describing various conversion tasks. Profiles can be downloaded and saved for further use. They can be used for practical software testing.

How to use profiles.

This article will explain how to download profiles from the website of ImageConverter Plus and use them in practice.

Step 1.

Move the mouse cursor to the link of the given profile. Right-click it and choose “save as” from the menu.

Step 2.

You can save the profile anywhere you want, i.e. “My documents” folder.

Step 3.

Open ImageConverter Plus. If you want to use one of the profiles downloaded from the website, press “Load” button, then pick up the downloaded profile from where you saved it.

Step 4.

After using a profile downloaded from the website, you will no longer have to search for it the way described above. This profile will appear among other ones available with the software interface when you run ImageConverter Plus next time. To make use of them simply choose a corresponding profile from the pop-up menu.