The Watermark Overlaps Important Image Parts

Adding watermarks is an important way to protect your images from unauthorized copying and use. In fact, many designers believe that adding a watermark as a means of protection is effective only when it overlaps important image parts. This is

Unwanted Details on Portrait Photos

Photographing people can be a risky business – make them look less glamorous than a Hollywood star and you will see how aggressive some vain people can be. While there are people who simply are not photogenic and no matter

Unnaturally sharp photos

Generally you would like a sharp photo. But unusually sharp photos are not visually pleasing. You will also not like a photograph that is too sharp. In unnaturally sharp photos, you will find abrupt and too sharp edges. A correct

Too light photos

In some of the photos, you are not able to see any contrast. It becomes difficult to differentiate between the background and the foreground. It appears to be washed out. You will find the figures too light to identify. This

Too dim photos

Sometimes your pictures are faded. They have lesser light in them. The colours of such photos are also softened or faded. These photos are called as too dim photos. It has been a problem associated with images and it has

Too dark photos

Excessive dark photos hide critical details of an image. It may hide the details about any item’s condition. It may take away the completeness from your photographs. Too dark photos lose the necessary details of the situations. Too dark photos