Too light photos

In some of the photos, you are not able to see any contrast. It becomes difficult to differentiate between the background and the foreground. It appears to be washed out. You will find the figures too light to identify. This may be the problem with any of your shoots. These types of photos are called as too light photos.

Too light photos may be the result of camera fault or the photographer fault. When the flash does not work correctly and does not work in synchronization with the camera, then too light photos may result. Incorrect shooting mode selected by the photographer may also hamper with the light condition of the photographs. Too light photos may arise when you shoot in too much light like in a sunny day.

Camera flash is very strong. When you use it, it can eliminate the colours and may create harsh shadows on the images. So, learn how to use it and when to use it. Try to use natural light. The same way excessive sunlight may also create too light photos. Harsh sunlight washes the colors away leaving the light images.

So avoid harsh camera flash and use natural light in case of indoor shoots. When you are shooting outdoor avoid direct and harsh sunlight. Shoot in the morning or in the evening. While shooting let the camera shutter open up for more time to capture the ambient light. For that, use slow shutter speed while shooting. Use the ambience light for both indoor and outdoor shooting. Use a tripod if necessary for using the slow shutter speed.

Use bounced soft light sources for photographs. When you use soft light then you can adjust the light requirement. You do not have fear of losing the contrast, colours, and details.

For correction there are so many different image editing softwares are available. Many of them perform well, butImage Converter Plus is one of the best among them. It provides tools for correction of such photos. It also provides provision for mass correction of your photos.

Image editing softwares can help you to improve the look of the photos. You can add colours, contrast, and details in too light photos. Various tools make it possible to add more visibility to your light photos.

Author: Bikash Kalita