Uninstalling ImageConverter Plus

Before you start removing the program, make sure that ImageConverter Plus isn’t running on your computer. If the program is running, save the current project and close the program. To remove the program from your system: Open the Control Panel.

First installation Image Converter Plus

Once you have downloaded the installation file from the company website, you can install it. Launch the downloaded installation file. If there were no errors during the download process, you’ll see the installation window. In this window, press “Next” button.

First conversion with Image Converter Plus

Your first conversion. This section will be of help if you’ve just started working with Image Converter Plus. Take following actions: Add images. Select default file format. Select destination path. Start conversion. Step 1: Add images Go to file list. To

How to block conversion in subfolders?

To block conversion in subfolders you should do the following: Go to Profile tab; Open settings of “Converted images will be saved …” (click on “+” to the left of the line); Change the value of “Convert with subfolders” box

Quick switch between file formats

Sometimes you may need a quick switch between file formats. For example, you may wish to replace large TIFF files with small JPEG files without changing file contents. Image Converter Plus helps you handle this task. Do the following: Launch