Routine batch conversion of images

Image Converter Plus can be used to convert or modify single files, but its true power lies with ability to batch convert files from current formats to the chosen format and modify files in batch mode.

E.g. you can copy RAW files to computer from your camera and convert them to a popular format one by one. This traditional approach can take much time and is very tiresome. It is much more convenient to right-click the folder containing these RAW files, select a preset profile and process all files at once with a single mouse click. The result of this action won`t be different from what you can do with one-by-one conversion technique, while its advantage is evident.

Also, you can scan a book you need in electronic form and spend hours cropping page margins with the help of an expensive graphics editor. Or, you may load scanned pages to Image Converter Plus, add “Crop images” operation, adjust its settings to achieve the desired result and press Convert button. The task that could take several hours is now fulfilled in minutes.


Thus we see that batch approach is optimal for everyday conversion tasks. Of course, there are users who still prefer spending hours of their time for monotonous, tiresome operations with images, but it`s their choice and we should respect it.