Q: Which units do I use to set image size?
Q: How to get a needed image size?
Q: How to turn off the thumbnail preview?
Q: How to ignore Alpha Channel in different formats?
Q: I converted files with Image Converter Plus, but I cannot find resulting files.
Q: How to rename file extensions in Image Converter Plus?
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Q: I want to delete source files when converting them. Can I do it?
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Q: I convert PNG files with transparency into jpeg file format. I want to specify the color to convert transparency.
Q: I have added Blur operation. How do I change settings of this operation?
Q: How to change color (transparency)?
Q: How to work with files without extension?
Q: By default, the name of the resulting file contains file name and new file extension. How do I change it into source file name only?
Q: I want to add files from different directories to batch-convert them. How do I do it?
Q: I want to rotate files at a non-right angle. Can I create such a profile?
Q: How to crop white margins in documents?
Q: I have added an operation by mistake. How do I remove it?
Q: How to crop black margins after scanning?
Q: How to avoid image distortion when changing its shape to square?

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