First conversion with Image Converter Plus

Your first conversion. This section will be of help if you’ve just started working with Image Converter Plus. Take following actions:

  1. Add images.
  2. Select default file format.
  3. Select destination path.
  4. Start conversion.

Step 1: Add images

  • Go to file list. To do it, press Photos button.
  • Press Add image button.
  • Select several graphics files in the dialog box that appears.


Step 2: Select default file format

  • Select a suitable format from the dropdown list located in the upper part of the program window:


Step 3: Select destination path

  • Press … button in “Converted to…” line.
  • Select {My Pictures} line from the menu.


All converted files will be saved to My Pictures folder located in My Documents folder of the current user.

Note: You can specify any destination path. To do it, select the bottom line of User defined path menu and choose a destination path for converted images.

Step 4: Start conversion

When you are through with these operations, you can convert needed files.To do it, press Startbutton in the right bottom corner of the program window. If you made no mistakes, you’ll see a progress bar above the button. This progress bar helps you monitor conversion process in Image Converter Plus.

When conversion is finished, the folder containing resulting files will open in Windows Explorer.


Note: You can stop conversion process using the same button. Note the caption of the button which changes to Stop.