Disarray of scanned texts

When you scan texts or images, the computer reads it with the help of a technology called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). When you scan a text, you can save it or send it to a word processing utility or application. In the process disarray of scanned text may happen.

Disarray of scanned text is a problem where you do not get the scanned text as it is. They get disorganized in the output. Disarray of scanned text makes your scanned copy unusable. Disarray in scanned text may create problem with your presentation. It will make the presentation worthless and clumsy. Sometimes you need important documents to be scanned and sent across the Internet for business and then you find out the scanned text is disorganized. It will destroy your hard work on the page you scanned.

Disarray of scanned texts happens because of the problem of bad quality tax used for scanning. If the quality of the original text or image is bad, then the resultant scanned text will show disarray or disorder. Disarray of scanned text may happen in case of originals which are copy of other copied work, faxes, text in tables, italic texts, tightly spaced texts, texts with font less than 8 points, handwritten text etc. The OCR software can not recognize these texts and so it creates problem of disarray of scanned text.

All these problems can be corrected using softwares and image correction tools. There are so many such tools are available. But you should choose the best one. One of the best tools that can correct this disarray problem is Image Converter Plus. Image converter can help you to correct the scanned text problems, which is crucial for your business. It can help you in scanning texts and images correctly. By using it, you will be able to scan and use pages of books or notes in an easy way. You will be able to make a multi page file where you can keep your scanned text images. You can scan images and keep them in several different frames. By using this frame, you can make an animated GIF file with the help of Image Converter Plus.

So next time you find disarray of scanned text problem, just open your Image Converter Plus and follow the simple steps to correct the page you wanted to scan.

Author: Bikash Kalita