Unnaturally sharp photos

Generally you would like a sharp photo. But unusually sharp photos are not visually pleasing. You will also not like a photograph that is too sharp. In unnaturally sharp photos, you will find abrupt and too sharp edges. A correct sharp image shows all the details in an image. Unnaturally sharp photos lack the details in the photograph. They show too much contrast and also show digital noise. You may also find blockiness in such photographs. This makes the photograph look like artificial and different from the original.

When you shoot with cheap cameras, too sharp images may be produced. Cell phone cameras tend to produce such images. When you are not sure about your camera setting, and use an incorrect camera setting, then also too sharp images may result from it. Use of image editing softwares may also result in too sharp photos. Some lenses which are for sharpening may result in sharp photos.

Unnatural sharpness depends on the digital camera and scanner used for photographing and scanning.

While sharpening an image, sharpen the part of the image that you want to make sharp. Do not sharpen the whole image. You can do it by selectively sharpening the image. If you sharpen the whole image, it may destroy the look of your image.

When you perform some sharpening operation be cautious to make other arrangements. If you do not adjust the photograph it may create some unnatural edges and halo effects on the photograph. So, while performing any sharpening operation on your photo follow a process.

Use the sharpening tools available in image editing softwares carefully. First learn them before using. Read the tutorials. Otherwise you may end up making your photographs unnaturally sharp.

Unnatural sharpness can be reduced by using image editing softwares. You can also use filters like fog filters to reduce the extra sharpness.

Image editors may help you to correct this problem. There are many tools available in these image editing softwares which will help you reduce the extra sharpness. You can use Image Converter Plus for making the unnaturally sharp photos look normal. Tools available in Image Converter Plus will help you make the needed corrections.

Author: Bikash Kalita