Too dark photos

Excessive dark photos hide critical details of an image. It may hide the details about any item’s condition. It may take away the completeness from your photographs. Too dark photos lose the necessary details of the situations.

Too dark photos are a result of lack of flash or incorrect flash. It may be also the result of shooting at lower light. When you shoot in cloudy condition at outside or when you shoot your photographs at a dark environment in inside, you will find too dark photos. For low light conditions, you need a source of light, often the flashlight available with the camera. When you forget to use it or use it wrongly, then your photographs do not get enough light. As a result you get too dark photos.

Human eyes are able to see much wider range of light. It can adjust according to the available light and darkness. If there is high difference of light available in a place, human eyes can feel the difference. But the camera can not differentiate and adjust like human eyes. When it finds any situation where the difference between the light and darkness is more it becomes confused. Then it follows the rule of averaging. It takes the light reading as the average of the light available. So, the dark areas gets darker and you get too dark photos.

Your computer monitor may also make you fool. LCD monitors show the image brighter than it is. So, when you see a bright image at the monitor, you may find the same as too dark in the print. Take this point in notice when you go for printing.

Image editors can correct these photos. Image Converter Plus is such an image editing tool which will help you correct too dark photos. With the help of Image Converter Plus, you will be able to correct several photos at once.

Layer blend modes are a powerful feature of image editing software. Here’s a quick and easy way to fix a dark picture using blend modes in any version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. In fact, this technique will work in any other software that offers a screen layer blend mode

Screen layer blend mode is effective against this problem. It is available in different image editing softwares.

Manual exposure control of your camera can also help you her to avoid this problem. Exposure compensating settings are available in many cameras to avoid such problems.

Author: Bikash Kalita