Special-purpose software for obscure image formats

Sometimes, certain image editors or electronic devices use image formats or compression algorithms that are less common than the more well-known formats, such as JPEG, GIF or BMP. Without the use of special purpose or proprietary software, image files that use these formats or compression algorithms may pose difficulties for viewing or editing. Photographs from digital cameras, for example, may not be accessible using common image viewers or editors; proprietary software from the manufacturer or vendor may be required to process these images. The need for such special-purpose software, however, can be a financially expensive proposition that discourages some from using their electronic devices.

One way to avoid these difficulties is through the use of a software package specifically designed to deal with a wide array of image formats and compression algorithms. Image Converter Plus is an example of such a package. With its ability to view and convert almost any image format, Image Converter Plus offers a single, fast and convenient alternative to the prospect of purchasing a specific image editing or conversion package for each particular file format or electronic device. This approach saves time, since there is no need to search for a specific package, and it saves money, since there is no need to purchase multiple packages. Since only one software package is needed to perform a range of conversion and other processing tasks, there is no need to clutter a hard drive or desktop with numerous individual packages, each designed for a specific image format. Also, images in obscure and sometimes large formats can be converted into other formats that are more highly compressible and that save more space on a hard drive. This allows storage of a greater number of images.

The benefit of a package that can handle and convert multiple image formats, over against highly specialized packages designed for particular image formats, is clear. With the growing popularity of digital cameras and the wide array of available image formats for various special applications, a single source for viewing and converting any image format is tremendously helpful.

Author: Jeffrey Clark