The Watermark Overlaps Important Image Parts

Adding watermarks is an important way to protect your images from unauthorized copying and use. In fact, many designers believe that adding a watermark as a means of protection is effective only when it overlaps important image parts. This is quite logical because if you add the watermark on the side of the image, where there are no image details but only background, the watermark can easily be erased and replaced with background color or if this can’t be done without a lot of hassle, then the part of the image with the watermark can be cut out and still most of your image will be usable.

This is a very unpleasant situation in those cases, when you want to use a watermark as a way to protect your image and the only solution you have is to put a watermark across the whole image so that the image details are still visible but the watermark cannot be erased unless erasing the whole image. It is a tradeoff between image protection and image usability but if you are seriously concerned about unauthorized use, this is the way to go.

However, in many cases even less severe measures are effective. For instance, when you want to add your logo as a watermark. The idea is that this way you will not put a technical but a legal barrier to unauthorized use, so you don’t have to overlap important parts of the image in order to make them unusable without your permission. Or maybe you don’t even need to prevent further use of your image but you’d like it to be distributed together with your copyright information. In this case adding a watermark that does not overlap important parts of the image is all you need.

No matter what kind of watermark you need – an overlapping one or not – the easiest way to add it to your image is with the help of special software, like ImageConverterPlus. Download the program and open it. If you want to add a watermark that overlaps important parts of the image, proceed straight ahead. If you want to add your logo as a sidebar, you need first to create a larger than your image transparent canvas, add the logo and then merge the two layers. In both cases you can use batch watermark adding, so in a second you can have all your images protected!

Author: Ada Ivanova