Creating beautiful photo frames

If you have a collection of many photos, you can vivify your photo album by including each photo into an original frame you can create yourself. For that, you’ll need beautiful images of fruit, flowers, nature, sea, sky or whatever plus Image Converter Plus software.

Do the following:

Step 1:

  • First, you should create a white image of 10×15 cm (or any other size needed for your photos). You can use Paint software for the task.

Step 2:

  • Launch Paint.

Step 3:

  • On the Image menu, click Attributes.

Step 4:

  • In the window that opens, select the measuring unit (cm), and enter the width and height of your images (say, 10×15).

Step 5:

  • Press OK and save your image (for example, with the name “Photo.bmp”).

Step 6:

  • Launch Image Converter Plus.

Step 7:

  • Go to “Photos” tab, select and add images you want to use as borders.

Step 8:

  • Go to Profiles tab. In “Operation before save: Add operation” line, click “Add operation” and select “Resize” from the menu.

Step 9:

  • Click “Add operation” once again and select “Watermark” from the menu.

Step 10:

  • Click “+” mark located to the left from “Add operation” line to open the group of settings for added operations.

Step 11:

  • In “Resize”, press “more” button.

Step 12:

  • Set the value of “DocumentSize” equal to the size of your frame (it is the size of the photo + doubled size of the frame. If the frame size is 3 cm, you should specify 16×21 for a photo of 10×15).

Step 13:

  • In “Watermark”, specify the full path to the created file (photo.bmp) in “Apply watermark from file”.

Step 14:

  • In “with horizontal alignment … , with vertical alignment”, select “center” and “center”.

Step 15:

  • Specify settings for the output format (optimal values are specified by default).

Step 16:

  • Specify the folder to save the converted image to.

Step 17:

  • Specify other settings.

Step 18:

  • Press “Start” button to start conversion.

Profiles for download

Profile1 – for “Creating beautiful photo frames”