Backing up your graphics files

If you occasionally delete your images or cannot find the needed one, try organizing your image library. To do that, you’ll need to convert all your images into one format, move them to corresponding folders and save them on some reliable data carrier, for example a CD or a DVD. Image Converter Plus will help you standardize image file formats.

Here is a sample conversion to JPEG preserving the structure of subfolders.

Step 1:

  • Launch Image Converter Plus, go to “Photos” tab, select and add images you want to convert.

Step 2:

  • In “Save images in …. format”, select Jpeg format as it is the most popular format.

Step 3:

  • Specify settings for the format (optimal values are specified by default).

Step 4:

  • Do not forget to set “Convert with subfolders” and “Restore subfolder structure in target folder” to “Yes”.

Step 5:

  • Specify the folder to save converted images to.

Step 6:

  • Specify other settings.

Step 7:

  • Press “Start” button to start conversion.

Profiles for download

Profile1 – for “Backing up your graphics files”