Quick creation of a greeting card

Birthday, Christmas, Name-day – all of them need a special congratulation. There are lots of websites that simplify the process of selection and mailing a greeting card. These cards are taken from various sources and often vary in format and

Backing up your graphics files

If you occasionally delete your images or cannot find the needed one, try organizing your image library. To do that, you’ll need to convert all your images into one format, move them to corresponding folders and save them on some

Poor readability of scanned texts

If you have scanned images of texts written on poor quality paper or poorly scanned, you have surely noticed that they can hardly be read due to their low contrast. Image Converter Plus will help you improve readability of such

Designing drafts

If you often have to create drafts in specialized programs (or in simple graphics editors), you know that most of these programs do not provide functionality for designing drafts according to common standards, or this functionality is poor (for example,

How to send messages via AOL.com

Step 1: Perform steps 1-5 from “How to setup sending by email” tutorial. Step 2: In “Sender name” field, specify sender name. Step 3: In “Sender address” field, specify the address used to send the message, e.g. “ImageConverter@aol.com”. Step 4:

Disarray of scanned texts

If you want to store and use similar images (for example, scanned pages of a book or a set of notes) in a convenient way, you can create a multipage file with these images. Also, if you prepare several frames

How to create a simple FTP

Step 1: Start the converter. Step 2: In the field “Converted images…..”, press “…” button. Step 3: Select “Copy to FTP” menu item and click on “New profile” subitem. Step 4: In the field after “Converted images will be copied

Nonstandard color of drafts and charts

If you have drafts or charts of nonstandard color (for example, screenshots from special purpose software like Pcad, which displays color drafts on black background), and you want to standardize them (create black drafts on white background), you can do