Nonstandard color of drafts and charts

If you have drafts or charts of nonstandard color (for example, screenshots from special purpose software like Pcad, which displays color drafts on black background), and you want to standardize them (create black drafts on white background), you can do

How to use a proxy server

If you access the folder via a proxy server, you can also setup the needed type: HTTP Settings SOCKS4 Settings SOCKS5 Settings HTTP Settings: To setup the HTTP server, select the “HTTP” line from the “Proxy type” list. In “Proxy

Additional image design

If, for any reason, you want to place your images into a border (for example, you want to display paintings placed into a wooden frame at your website, or you need to place a program sreenshot into a frame imitating

Problem with editing animated images

If you want to edit an animated image, for example, change an inscription, or the color of some object, or add details to the image, you’ll face some difficulties, as you’ll only be able to change the first frame of

Incomplete multipage file

If you need to add new pages to an existing multipage file, you’ll find that it is quite a problem. You surely can split this file into separate pages, add new ones and then compile all pages into a new