Resizing a digital photo before emailing it.

Up-to-date cameras can create images with rather high resolution (millions of pixels). Such resolution is vital for pre-printing preparations but is not needed in common private life. For example, you have to regularly e-mail your images, or just view them,

Unwanted information on screenshots

If, for any reason, you need program screenshots with a part of the program window (for example, text in the browser without toolbars, scrollbars and image borders), it will take much time to process such images manually (crop unwanted margins

Unnaturally sharp photos

If you have unnaturally sharp images (resulting from shooting with cheap cameras (for example, cell phone cameras), incorrect camera settings, using special “sharpening” lens or processing photos with image editors), you can make them look more natural with the help

Unwanted image signatures

If you have some images with inscriptions (for example, a website URL or image name in the bottom part of the image), and you want to remove these inscriptions from these images, you can just cut a narrow stripe off

Professional image protection

If you develop a sophisticated image for a customer (for example, a website template), it would be wise to properly protect it before you send it to the customer. Sending a reduced copy of the image, as well as adding

Nonoptimized images for a website (catalogue)

If you want your website to contain catalogues with images, and these images should have one-color background, you’ll find that such images should meet strict criteria. They are one-color background (images should be clearly seen on it; besides, it will

Naming converted images automatically

There are many graphics engines and other complex image procession systems sensitive to file names. For example, the name must contain digits only, must have no extension, etc. In this case, you’ll need a program that can unify file names

Want of resources to process large photos

If you don’t have a high-performance computer, you’ll face serious problems when working with very large images. An attempt to open a photo created with a 6-8 Mpix camera, let alone editing such photos, can cause unexpected system shutdown. However,

Decorating CD- and DVD-disks

If you often burn various information – music, photos, videos, etc. – to CDs or DVDs, and want them to be beautifully designed and not signed on the gray surface of the disk, you can create and print nifty labels