Right-click menu: convert image folders

ImageConverter Plus provides a convenient way for converting images using the right-click menu . All the software features are available; the program will perform any type of conversion. The only thing you need to do in advance is to make

PNG compared to other image formats

Among the variety of image formats there are some that are lossy, and some that are lossless. The lossy compression takes advantage of the fact that the human eye will not be able to really notice the difference in the

Implementing new software solutions

ColdFusion is a tag-based web scripting language supporting dynamic web page creation and database access in a web server environment. The most compelling reason to use ColdFusion is its productivity. ColdFusion is used by over 10,000 organizations worldwide and runs

Support of planar and interleaved JPEG

The most important aspect of an image acquisition system is how images are represented. Pixel is the smallest addressable element, the smallest unit of a picture which can be controlled. Pixel is a set of color channels that represents the

Adding pages to an existing file

ImageConverter Plus is great when you find yourself with a job which requires multipage layout. If you need to produce a photo album, or make a catalogue, you will sometimes need to add pages to an existing file. You can

High-bit image processing

Practically every image processing software can handle 8-bit/channel images (8 bit grayscale and 24 bit RGB images) but have limited or no capability to handle 16-bit/channel (16 bit grayscale and 48 bit RGB) images. These high-depth images are essential though

Minimize your efforts converting files within LAN

In the modern office environment computer owners often communicate by the way of a local area network. LANs are very useful, because they transmit data quickly and increase the office productivity. Conversion of files within LAN is also quite simple