Useful tips for quick news publications

It’s a rare person who has zero interest in the local or world news. Daily newspapers, TV, internet – these are just a few sources one can draw the topics of interest from. General news, political news, business news, regional

Graphics engine as a dynamic library

Two important factors that determine the performance of applications are their launch times and their memory footprints. Reducing the size of an application’s executable file and minimizing its use of memory once it’s launched make the application launch faster and

Universal RAW reducing challenges for photographers

Nowadays everyone is familiar with digital images. Professional photographers use their cameras’ RAW format, but now even some mid-range digital cameras offer a RAW format setting. Users are moving to RAW format to take creative control over their digital images.

The work of a postman

Among numerous email service providers Gmail is one of the most popular ones. The hordes of features, massive capacity and ease of use – these are just a few features that attract the clients. There is no storage limit; there

Transparency information

The definition of the alpha channel refers to transparency on a per-pixel basis. It controls the transparency of an image. Some pixel data in each image is always intended for transparency information. The alpha channel specifies how the pixel’s colors

How to add a frame to your images

The purposes of framing pictures may vary. Framed pictures normally stand out. A good picture frame enhances the image itself. If we take a painting, then without a frame the painting will look incomplete. Sometimes a frame can even be

Document archive resources

The PDF image format is widely used for preservation of different types of documents. Its most valuable feature is the ability to be viewed on many different applications. No matter what platform you use – Windows, Mac, or any other

Add a text watermark to your images

Adding a watermark is a useful way of protecting your images from unauthorized use as well as identifying them. As soon as the watermark is applied, it gets pretty difficult for the third parties to remove it. A watermark can

Color depth control

Different image formats allow various color depth values. Color depth refers to the number of pixels assigned to a photograph. Color depth can go up to 16 million different colors and in general, describes the range of colors a photograph