Create several separate images out of one

Whether for necessity or for fun, sometimes our users are wondering if they can split a certain picture into several photos. What is meant is taking a half of someone’s face, for instance, and matching it with another’s; or creating a collage of several images out of one. Sometimes the users inquire if they can split a compilation of background images saved in one file apart, resize them and use in a video series (this is a more complicated task). There is no universal answer to these questions. One the one hand, ImageConverter Plus cannot work as an image splitter, but on the other, we can help you crop the image into several parts and then save them as separate image files and even convert them to a desired image format. Cropping the image is possible in the following ways: to crop margins, rectangle 2 points crop, rectangle point, width and height crop, where the latter one is more likely to be appropriate for splitting the image. Please note that ImageConverter Plus never deletes the source image files, which means that you can create several separate images out of one image, make a collage out of them, or think about other creative ways to practice this functionality.