How to resave images several times without any loss of quality

The BMP image format that was created by Microsoft for the Windows environment. BMP was designed to contain bitmaps of different color resolutions so that they could be exchanged among various devices. BMP files are not compressed, so they are not appropriate for the Internet. Still, the format is quite simple in its structure and is widely used in Windows. BMP is capable of storing images in any color depth, from black-and-white to 16.4 million colors. Advantages of BMP format:

Ensures high quality images
Supports any image color depth
Supports any image size
Allows individual pixel editing
Doesn’t lose information (it is a lossless format) and it is supported by any software program in the world.

Disadvantages of BMP format:

The size of a BMP file is really large since this format is uncompressed.

ImageConverter Plus provides comprehensive support for the BMP image format. Saving images in BMP the users can choose any color depth from black-and-white up to 24-bit true color and be assured that no matter how many times the BMP image is resaved, there will be no quality loss. BMP images are good for small images and icons which Windows is rich with. They load quickly for a fast screen display which is the biggest plus for working with BMP files.