Extraordinary design for photographs

If for some reason you would like to make your photos look different from regular ones, ImageConverter Plus offers an option to create photos of non-original shape – oval, with wavy borders, or with some other inscription around them. It’s a fun way to send them to someone on a special occasion, or just frame the photo of a non-original shape to attract attention to it. Sometimes the photos itself may turn to be not very successful, but by means of adding an extra decoration it may look more interesting thus distracting attention to unnecessary details. What you need to do is to create a graphic file of the same size as your photo. Then you can either “remove” some elements from photo, or add a color frame to the image. Those areas of the image that you do not want to amend should remain transparent. ImageConverter Plus can further on resize these photos for sending via email. The profile on how to create extraordinary-shaped photos is available to be downloaded.