Choosing between PNG and DDS

The PNG image format is considered to be one of the handiest ones. Its compression does not allow any loss of quality; it supports transparency. PNG is good for web pages due to the gamma correction and embedded text support. Images saved in the PNG format can be created using color palettes or 8 bit grayscale. Pixel data with 8 bit values can index into palettes containing up to 256 colors, and with fewer colors pixel values can be 1, 2 or 4 bits. For specialist requirements PNG also offers 48 bit true color and 16 bit grayscale. The DDS image format is widely used with gaming consoles and in general, is used in the game industry. The format is associated with the DirectDraw Surface and can be compressed and uncompressed. DDS textures are kept in compressed form inside video memory (VRAM) and are decompressed on the fly in real time by the hardware. This feature makes DDS different from PNG: when dealing with PNG textures, the picture is decompressed by the software. ImageConverter Plus supports both PNG and DDS image formats for input and output conversion. It is possible to losslessly convert PNG to DDS , and also to losslessly convert DDS to PNG depending on the purpose of image creation.