News about image formats

Optimizing JPEG images

Dealing with one of the most commonly used JPEG format you will appreciate its new capabilities. 1) Apart from its typical modifications – baseline, progressive, and lossless, extended-sequential (12 bit) one is now supported. It allows our software to view and convert DICOM medical images without any data loss, which is crucial when you need to […]

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Reasons for buying general license

If you intend to use the software for both private and commercial purposes, general license is exactly what you need. It gives access to: 1) Batch conversion software enabling the user to preview the results  2) Conversion profiles that will significantly save your time and that do not require any technical awareness 3) Richt-click preview in

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Get the most colorful PSD images

Expanded color depth support is a much desired feature. It is important to workflows where color range and accuracy is critical. Explore the most recent software capabilities that enable to support high-bit color depth options of the PSD files: 64 (True color, RGBA) 48 (True color, RGB) 32 (True color, RGBA) 24 (True color, RGB)

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IOCA image conversion

If you require support for a rare image file format, we are ready with a solution. IOCA files can now be converted into more commonly used formats, such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PDF. Both MO:DCA and RAW IOCA files are now supported. Image compression methods we deal with include IBM MRR, group 3MH, group 3,

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Discover your camera’s ability to take amazing photos (Pentax istD)

Nowadays everyone is familiar with digital images. Professional photographers use their cameras’ RAW format, but now even some mid-range digital cameras offer a RAW format setting. Users are moving to RAW format to take creative control over their digital images. RAW files represent the pure, unaltered scene captured by the sensors of the camera. This

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Pure and not so pure RAW

We have been talking recently about different variations of the RAW format attempting to either save some space on your card, or to save your time when working on the RAW images. Alongside with many advantages that the pure RAW image format definitely has (such as date precision, ability to control even tiny details of

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Selecting file formats

Graphic files come in many different formats, such as PNG, EPS, JPEG. Every format has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. You cannot just name change the file extension to another set of letters, it must be converted for use in different programs. ImageConverter Plus offers the easiest way to convert files from one format

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We will do the design work for you

Graphics can create wonders. But if you often have to make drafts, you will find out that most of the graphics editors or specialized programs do not provide functionality for designing drafts according to the common standards, or their functionality is rather poor. But how to fit nonstandard elements into standard forms? ImageConverter Plus allows

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