Optimizing JPEG images

Dealing with one of the most commonly used JPEG format you will appreciate its new capabilities.

1) Apart from its typical modifications – baseline, progressive, and lossless, extended-sequential (12 bit) one is now supported. It allows our software to view and convert DICOM medical images without any data loss, which is crucial when you need to work with images in the medical fields such as cardiology, pathology, endoscopy, dentistry, ophthalmology dermatology etc. 

2) Implemented by our specialists, the new compression algorithm allows now 64, 48, 36 and 12-bit color depth – options that give you flexibility to make the images look as good as possible.

3) Last but not least, you can set restart interval in blocks to specify the exact interval in MCU rows, helping you to avoid errors while transmitting JPEG images over wireless channels.