Center around the most important part of a photo

It’s a rare photo that looks perfect and does not contain any additional undesirable elements. As a rule, each photo we take needs some sort of correction. Corrections like color, background, or lighting are quite common, but sometimes there is a need to lay a stress on a specific part of a picture. A vivid example of the image cropping can be found in picture galleries, when a certain part of the painting is enlarged to show each and every detail of a portrait or still life. One can’t help but admire the professionalism of an artist. Something similar can be done on photographic images, when a portrait of a specific person is drawn out of a group photo, or when you want to take, for example, flowers out of a landscape and show them in full blossom. The best way to achieve these effects will be by means of a camera zoom, but if you don’t have one, remove undesirable elements from your photo further on. ImageConverter Plus allows cropping the image in several ways : by removing margins, using rectangle two points or three points method, and margins autocrop. With ImageConverter Plus you can combine several cropping modes to succeed with more complicated tasks. E.g. an image can be centered with the help of Margins mode combined with Rectangle mode.