How to use ImageConverter Plus to send your photos to FTP

Transference of files from one computer to another can be performed by various means, one of which is FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The main advantage of FTP is the ability to retrieve and send files to your own computer from anywhere. You can also save files to your FTP server. ImageConverter Plus gives you a direct access to your FTP server right from the software interface. You can perform as many operations on your graphic files as you wish. You can do this as usual as if you were just going to save your files in a destination folder. The only difference that exists is that you need to specify FTP as the parameter to save your files at. Sometimes FTP requires a password or other security measures. Enter your FTP settings ones and turn to them each time the need arises. This option is very useful for website creation, immediate use of photos taken during business trips, quick processing of images for any remote project. Image files of any size can be uploaded to FTP.