Add a text watermark to your images

Adding a watermark is a useful way of protecting your images from unauthorized use as well as identifying them. As soon as the watermark is applied, it gets pretty difficult for the third parties to remove it. A watermark can look very different – it can be your name, your company logo, your company or your own website, etc. Watermark is not just a way of protecting your images. The way you place a watermark speaks for your work, your talent, and your creativity in general. It is your ID which will affect someone’s desire to contact you if your business is of interest. When you place the watermark do not occupy too much of your image – otherwise it will distract the viewer’s attention from your work. ImageConverter Plus offers different effective ways of watermarking you images. The main advantage of ImageConverter Plus over other software programs is that we can process hundreds, or even thousands of images at once. Working with image folders is our priority. When you make a decision regarding what type of a watermark to apply, you can choose from any image you have saved on your computer, or add a text. ImageConverter Plus does not normally work with texts, so this option may be surprising for our users. Decide which font, text size (just like working in Word!) to use. Plus, you can experiment with the text position and transparency level. Text watermarking is available in the main menu of the program when you open it. Go to “more” and discover advanced options when processing graphic files. Unfortunately, we do not have a detailed instruction of the text watermarking on our website, but are going to add it soon.