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The PDF image format is widely used for preservation of different types of documents. Its most valuable feature is the ability to be viewed on many different applications. No matter what platform you use – Windows, Mac, or any other one – the PDF file will look exactly the same. Another useful feature of PDF that makes it different fr om other image formats is protection from any alteration. PDF files are especially useful for documents, such as magazine articles, product brochures, or flyers in which you want to preserve the original graphic appearance. A PDF file contains one or more page images, each of which you can zoom in or out. The nature of PDF though may create difficulties when one has to preserve long-term information. The files can become incompatible with such long-term demand. PDF/A is the specification of the PDF format that was designed for archival purposes. In order to preserve the information in the file and to ensure that the contents will still appear as it should even after a very long time of storage, PDF/A sets stricter standard than those used by PDF. The main difference between PDF and PDF/A is the lim ited access to some contents of the PDF/A file. PDF/A requires that graphics and fonts be embedded into the file while PDF does not. The PDF/A file format could be used any time the long-term storage of a digital document is necessary. ImageConverter Plus accepts both variations of PDF – regular PDF and PDF/A. Our image converter allows all types of image conversion in between those two formats.