How to add a frame to your images

The purposes of framing pictures may vary. Framed pictures normally stand out. A good picture frame enhances the image itself. If we take a painting, then without a frame the painting will look incomplete. Sometimes a frame can even be advantageous to the image contents when the artist did not do a really good job…But apart fr om esthetical use there are situations when a frame has a practical meaning. Digital images may have a problem like being all of different sizes. When you have hundreds of images wh ere some seem larger than others they look like a hassle. Possible solution is to add a pixel frame to each image making them look identical. Unnecessary details will thus be removed, or the frame will make the image border more vivid. Command-line of ImageConverter Plus lets you add a light gray 10 pixel border to images . By doing this you make the images proportionally stretched or shrunk to 300×300 pixels using bilinear method. The image files will not be lost – original image file names will be preserved.