Useful tips for quick news publications

It’s a rare person who has zero interest in the local or world news. Daily newspapers, TV, internet – these are just a few sources one can draw the topics of interest from. General news, political news, business news, regional news, entertainment news, niche-oriented news (health, science, technology), crime reporting, and sensationalism – each person is interested in at least one of those. Practically every newspaper and TV channel has its internet version. Our world becomes more digital. Those who are not subscribed to daily newspapers prefer to read the news online, and there are many advantages of this: you can get access to several sources at the same time and compare different points of view on the same topic; you get to know the news earlier than if you go outside to purchase a paper version. What is critical for the news authors and newspaper editors? To have a quick reaction to the constant change of events. Editors and reporters have to work hard and be on time to post information online as quickly as possible; otherwise the newspaper will lose money for commercials, since the readers will prefer other more fast-paced resources. To have handy software able to resize photos from the spot of the action, to change their dpi making them suitable for printing is a must. These are the tasks ImageConverter Plus is really good at. Whether there are hot reports from the presidential election, or not so urgent stories about movie stars, high quality photos for both – paper versions and online newspaper versions are significant.