How to create a tiny photo that will fit the locket

Locket is a small jewelry item worn on a necklace. The lockets contain some small space where one can place a photograph of someone special to make him close to your heart. If you have seen someone wearing such a photo locket, you must be wondering how on earth it is possible for a photo to become so tiny to fit that small size. Image resize is one of the most powerful features of ImageConverter Plus. No matter how large the original image seems our numerous resize parameters for both amateurs and graphics professionals can resize the image to any desired size. Resizing a photo for a locket is something similar to creating a thumbnail, but smaller. Launch ImageConverter Plus and choose “resize”. Make the decision on how small you want your image to be. Set the desired dimensions in pixels or percent of the original size of a photo. More advanced options allow specifying the image size in inches or centimeters if you prefer them to pixel dimension. Specify the image resolution in dpi. The more dots per inch – the sharper and crisper the image will be. 600 dpi for a photo is a preferred setting for your situation. But what if the dimensions chosen do not coincide with the shape of a photo? For example, the shape of your locket implies that your image needs to be twice as short, but only a little narrower. By default, ImageConverter Plus will keep the proportions of your image. Your image will change its size, but not shape. Choose “fill in option” so that the image will occupy the whole space without any blank spaces left. You should note that only part of the original image will stay in place. Choose which part of it to keep – left, right, or central. You are done! Your photo is ready to fit the locket!