How to convert JPG to GIF

Step 1
Download and install ImageConverter Plus
Step 2
Select your JPG images in Windows Explorer, right-click on them, select Convert To, and then select Custom conversion

convert JPG to GIF step by step

Step 3
Select GIF format and specify other settings (such as image resize) if required

JPG to GIF converter properties


Both image formats – JPEG and GIF are compression based. But still there is some difference in the way the images are compressed. JPEG uses lossy compression method making images suitable for the web but sacrificing some of their quality. While there are several compression levels available – from little detail loss and poor compression to a more significant detail loss with noticeable compression JPEG images are normally good for photographs and images that have lots of colors. JPEG is not a good way of saving a file when you deal with solid colors, text or line art where each pixel matters, so the GIF format would be more appropriate for such types of images. GIF uses lossless compression method and is more detail oriented meaning that if the image contains some important text and when it’s hard to sacrifice even a single pixel, then GIF is the way to go.

Video tutorial “Converting JPEG to GIF with Image Converter Plus”

Information about JPEG to GIF conversion

Converting images from JPEG to GIF ImageConverter Plus allows saving the image with the highest number of colors supported by GIF – 256. Conversion from JPEG to GIF can be applied on a single image as well as huge image folders. Due to their small size GIF images are perfect for the web design, and the main advantage of GIF over JPEG is the ability to support transparency. Black-and-white images, line art, clipart, images with text – in other words, images with solid colors without any color gradations are better to be saved as GIF files.

How to protect your animated images

There are several different copyright options. To prevent unauthorized use of your photos it makes sense to protect the image with your logo; to put a special stamp on your image; or to put your signature onto an image which seems to be a more creative way of copyright protection. It is easy when you deal with simple images. But what about animated ones consisting of several separate files? Creating an animated image is a complicated task, that’s why temptation to use someone else’s work is pretty high. Meanwhile you can’t show your friends or potential employers animated images you have created without uploading them to the online resources. Protecting animated images from unauthorized use is more important than any other copyright protection. As an option you can split your animated image into several parts and sign each of them separately. This is pretty tedious and will take a lot of time. What you can do with ImageConverter Plus though is much simpler and faster. ImageConverter Plus lets you put your signature onto an animated image preventing others from claiming your work.

Command Line

You can convert several JPEG images into one multipage GIF file via command-line of ImageConverter Plus as shown in the example below:

icpcl.exe -dest “C:\converted” -convertto gif colors:255 quant:8 dither:yes multipage:multipage -source “C:\images\*.*”

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