Resize: An Easy Solution

Changing image output parameters is a regular task nowadays. While modern digital cameras take huge photos many megapixels in size, they are too big to be sent via email or to be used on the web. Using smaller sized images is more convenient for email attachments and blog posts; images thumbnails and avatars absolutely have to be small. Imag eConverter Plus makes resizing simple and convenient.

Choose the image you wish to resize, right-click it and choose “convert” from the menu. Apart from changing the image size parameters you can also add a watermark, make your images sharper and clearer, save them in the preferred folder or in your blog via FTP, or send them by email directly to the recipient.

That’s all! The tedious task is done in just 1 click! This is demonstrated in our video tutorial. You can download or purchase ImageConverter Plus right now.

How does the software work?

Using ImageConverter Plus is really very easy and “all in one click”. To make the software do what you want choose the profile from the list of available ones or create your own personalized profile.

Profile is a set of commands saved under a certain name. It is very easy to create a profile choosing specific conversion parameters from the program interface. Giving a unique name to a set of commands is what makes a profile.


Image Converter Plus is the software for image conversion and resizing. It supports more than 800 image formats. It can change the image size and enhance the image quality.

To change the image size you can select various size parameters depending on your preferences. You can change the image size keeping proportions or ignoring them; crop your images; remove or add margins processing image files of different sizes.

Command-line interface automates the conversion process from creating a bat-file to using Image Converter Plus in your own graphics application.