Resize: Unlimited Size of Files to be Resized

Why convert and resize large images?

If you have to work with large images, you do understand how huge – figuratively and literally – this problem is.
The process of working with huge images can be characterized as “impossibly, maddeningly slow”. Still, this work is to be done, and you face the fact that there are just a few programs capable of manipulating these files.

Image Converter Plus is one of them, specially designed to process such files. Now you can convert files of ANY size with the help of Image Converter Plus.

Resize files of any size preserving the source format

You will need this option if the source image contains extra non-graphics information (EXIF, IPTC etc.).

Changing file format

Very often the huge image is saved into the file of an inappropriate format – for example, uncompressed BMP format. It will make sense to convert the image into some other format with a more powerful compression. This will surely reduce the size of your file on hard disk drive. It is difficult to overestimate the convenience of this change.

Recompressing huge files to reduce their size

Even if the file is saved into the correct format, it will often make sense to save it into the same format with better compression. For example, using correct compression for faxes will make their file size 100 times smaller.

Preparing images for publishing, illustrating, uploading to websites and sending via email.

It is the classical and most popular application of Image Converter Plus. The program will resize your huge files until their size is ideal for publishing.