Interface: Profile tab in ImageConverter Plus

Profile tab contains all available options for image conversion with Image Converter Plus. For your convenience, all options are divided into 4 topical groups:

Expand a group to gain access to its contents.

Group order corresponds to that of conversion actions:

  • “Operation before save” group contains operations applied to images before conversion. This group is user-configured and contains operations added by the user.
  • “Save images in format” group allows selecting an output file format and contains settings of the selected format. Options of this group may be different depending on the selected format.
  • “Converted images will be saved to” allows selecting destination path for saving converted images. Besides, various predefined macros can be used in this group to manipulate resulting image destination parameters. E.g. {Source path}clause tells the program to save resulting images into the folders containing source images.
  • “Operation with target file name” group allows manipulating names of resulting files. The set of available macros can be used to get virtually any type of file name.