Image Converter Plus meta tag field

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) is a metadata standard for adding information such as descriptions, copyright information and camera settings to images. The format achieved its status as a universal standard with the widespread use of digital cameras. The data recorded in EXIF format may be used directly by the user or communicated to a device (to a printer, for example). EXIF is a flexible format that makes it possible to add information to an image that is specific to a particular camera and can only be interpreted by software from the camera’s manufacturer. JPEG and TIFF are the most popular file formats that support EXIF.


Default Setting
Possible Settings
OrientationINTTop LeftTop Left/Top Right/Bottom Right/Bottom Left/Left Top/Right Top/Right Bottom/Left BottomImage orientation
DateTimeDATE&TIMECurrent date and timeDate and TimeDate and Time
DateTime OriginalDATE&TIMECurrent date and timeDate and TimeDate and Time
DateTime DigitizedDATE&TIMECurrent date and timeDate and TimeDate and Time
Horizontal ResINT72Whole numberHorizontal resolution
Vertical ResINT72Whole numberVertical resolution
Resolution UnitINTNONENONE/Inches/CmUnit of measure for resolution
ImageDescriptionSTRINGDescription sample textTextImage description
MakeSTRINGMake txtTextInformation field
ModelSTRINGModel nameTextInformation field
SoftwareSTRINGImageConverter PlusTextSource program
CopyrightSTRING(C) Copyright …TextCopyright


Unlike EXIF, which is intended for recording technical information for digital images, IPTC is a metadata format that can record such information as country, city, author and title.
JPEG and TIFF are the most popular image formats that support IPTC.


Default Setting
Possible Settings
Record VersionSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Image NameSTRINGImage Name txtTextInformation field
Edit StatusSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
PrioritySTRINGn/aTextInformation field
CategorySTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Supplemental CategorySTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Fixture IdentifierSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
KeywordSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Release DateDATECurrent dateDate valueRelease date
Release TimeTIMECurrent timeTime valueRelease time
Special InstructionsSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Reference ServiceSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Reference DateDATECurrent dateDate valueDate
Reference NumberSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Created DateDATECurrent dateDate valueDate image created
Created TimeTIMECurrent timeTime valueTime image created
Originating ProgramSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Program VersionSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Object CycleSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
BylineSTRINGByline txtTextInformation field
Byline TitleSTRINGByline Title txtTextInformation field
CitySTRINGCity txtTextInformation field
ProvinceSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Country CodeSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
CountrySTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Original Transmission ReferenceSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
HeadlineSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
CreditSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
SourceSTRINGCaption txtTextInformation field
CopyrightSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
CaptionSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Local CaptionSTRINGn/aTextInformation field
Caption WriterSTRINGn/aTextInformation field