Interface: Choosing profiles

Each profile contains the following information:

  • about added operations and settings of these operations;
  • about selected graphics file format and its settings;
  • about destination path for the resulting file and other settings of destination path;
  • about file name format.

Creating a new profile

To create a new profile, you can press New button located in the upper section of the Profile tab. You can also modify the currently loaded profile and press Save as button.

Saving profiles

To save the currently loaded profile, press Save button after you have changed the profile. If the profile hasn’t been saved before, Image Converter Plus will display Save file dialog box.

Choosing a profile

Any profile created in the current version of Image Converter Plus is available in the dropdown list located in the upper part of the Profile tab. To select a profile, expand the dropdown menu and select the neede profile from available ones. If the profile was created on another computer and manually transferred to the computer you’re your current version of Image Converter Plus, you should load it into the program. Do the following:

  • Press Open button located in the upper section of the Profile tab;
  • In the dialog box that appears, select the folder containing the needed profile. Open the folder;
  • Select the profile and press Open button.


Now the profile is loaded into the program. You are now able to convert images with the help of this profile.


If you changed the current profile before loading a new one, the program will ask you: “Do you want to save changes to ‘profile_name’ ?”. If you want to save changes to the current profile, click Yes button. Otherwise, clickNo button.