Rotate image

Image Converter Plus provides its users with Rotate image function. The Rotate function allows you to rotate images at an arbitary angle in any direction. Free space color can be set to transparent (with formats which support transparency) or any needed color.

Add Rotate operation:


Rotation angle is specified with a negative or positive integer value. Turn direction is selected with the help of Direction dropdown menu. Fill color is chosen with the help of Background color dropdown menu. Use Color dialog box to specify a user-defined color.

Specifying image rotation angle in degrees.

If you want to change image rotation angle, specify a numeric value in Turn image angle of box. E.g.:

  • 90 or 270 will change image orientation,
  • 180 will flip the image,
  • Other values will turn the image at an arbitary angle.

Images will be rotated according to chosen direction of rotation.

Specifying direction of rotation.

You can choose direction of image rotation with the help of Direction dropdown menu. It can be either clockwise or counterclockwise.


Specifying free space fill color in the resulting image.

Image Converter Plus allows selecting any fill color including transparency. Initially, color is selected with the help of Background color dropdown menu. To specify transparency, select Transparent value. To specify black or white color, select the needed color from the list.


Transparent fill will only work with those formats which support transparency. If you need some other color, select User defined list. In the Color dialog box that appears, you’ll be able to select any color which suits you best.


Image Converter Plus allows you to save the sequence of needed actions as a profile. Use profiles to save your time when processing images.

Use right-click quick conversion from Windows Explorer to forget about all routine work on image procession.